Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Favorite Grocery Tote

Call us Slow!

After about the 500th person complimented us on our grocery totes and asked us where we got them, we realized that we should be carrying them for sale in the store.  We are extremely selective about selling products that are not Picking Daisies-made, but these grocery totes definitely made the cut!

Insta-Totes are made using recycled water bottles - isn't that neat?

They are nice and big, and super sturdy. There are 3 dividers for bottles and a slim divider for magazines, newspapers, papers, etc.  And, all at a great price!

We have been hauling ours around for 2+ years and they have held up perfectly.  I even use one of mine daily to go to and from the store, hauling a heavy load of napkins, fabric, laptops, and water bottles.

We have 5 designs for you to choose from:

Teal Iron Gate

Kaffe's Basket Collage

Black and White Curls

Red with White Dots


Stop by the store and check out these great bags - or shop for them online here.

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