Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fun with Toweling

It's Not Just For Making Dishtowels!

We've recently begun selling toweling at Picking Daisies.  It comes on a roll and is 16" wide and hemmed all along the width.  The idea is that you can cut it into your desired dish towel size and just hem the ends.

But there is oh, so much more that you can do with toweling.  We've searched the web for you and brought together some of our favorite ideas.

We currently have three styles of toweling available at Picking Daisies.  At only $5.50 per yard, imagine the possibilities!

Circle Garland Tutorial

Hanging in Our Window

A garland of fabric circles that twist and turn with the slightest breeze...

They're so easy to make.  All you need is enough fabric to cut 40 4" or smaller circles for a 20 circle garland.  You can use a variety of fabrics, so pull out your scrap bin.

In addition, you will need some Heavy Duty Wonder-Under.

Wonder-Under is one of our favorite fabric craft making supplies.  Have you used it?  It's so simple.....

You are ready to make the circles.  We cut them in 3 different sizes: 4", 3" and 2".

We stacked up our circles randomly in size and fabrics, to prepare for sewing them all together.  First....

Then just start sewing right down the middle of the first circle.  And the end of the first circle, sew slowing counting about 10-15 stitches past the fabric while you gently continue to pull the first circle.  The fabric will "braid" itself together and then you are ready to set the next circle in place.  You can see the technique we used here:

At the base of each garland, tie something to give it a little weight.  We used a bead.


We've got scraps and we've got Wonder-Under, so stop by the store and we'll help you pick out what you need for your own fabric garland.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buttery Soft Cotton Voile

It's Irresistible!
Have you been hearing about voile? (pronounced like toile)
Favorite fabric designer Anna Maria Horner has created some gorgeous voiles in the last few years.  She has also written this great informational blog post to explain everything you want to know about using and working with cotton voile fabric.

All the lovely images of voile below are from Anna Maria Horner's site and show various ways in which you can use this soft drapey cotton fabric.




Now that your ideas are overflowing, 
below is the selection of cotton voiles now available at Picking Daisies.

Have you sewn or quilted with cotton voile yet?  What did you think?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A New Quilt at Picking Daisies

Quilter Karen has made us a new quilt!

The new quilt hanging on the wall of Picking Daisies is simply stunning.

In her latest quilt, Karen used sophisticated and contemporary fabrics blocked together in a fun and modular design.

Karen is so skilled at pulling together coordinating fabrics from a range of different fabric collections.

From the above bolts of fabric, she creates this....

Come see it in person and you will see all the intricate stitching she has done around the circles and flowers.  It gives the quilt such wonderful texture.

And YES, it is for sale ....  if you simply must have it for your very own.

 Thank you Karen for sharing your quilting skills with Picking Daisies!  We adore you!

-kay and dede

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Doctor Who - A Crafty Roundup

For The Whovians Out There

While we are excitedly awaiting the new season of Doctor Who starting this Saturday night on BBC America, we thought we'd pay tribute by sharing some crafty Doctor Who goodies to make and bake and just simply marvel at.  There are some quite creative fans out there, beginning with the maker of this awesome quilt...

Doctor Who Quilt via Crafster

Monday, August 20, 2012

Renaissance Ribbon + Favorite Designers

Embellishing with Ribbon

We were excited to discover that a few of our favorite fabric designers are working with Renaissance Ribbon and producing some quite lovely ribbon.  We now have four spools of these wonderful ribbon available at Picking Daisies.

Style and color seen above and available at Picking Daisies...

Style seen above (left bag) and available at Picking Daisies...

Style seen above and available at Picking Daisies...

Style and color seen above and available at Picking Daisies...

These price of these ribbons run from $4.00 to $6.50 per yard, but you are welcome to purchase them in any sort of smaller lengths you wish.

For more ideas and inspiration for using ribbon, visit Renaissance Ribbon's Blog