Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harry Potter Table Setting

It's a Harry Potter Party! 
by Guest Table Setter and Blogger:  Annie Bruington

Wizards and witches of all ages (including myself) have been for years anticipating and dreading the premier of the final Harry Potter film. The release of this film means the end of an era for those who have watched Harry, Ron, and Hermione grow through the pages of J K Rowling's books and on the silver screen. As a die hard HP fan, I hope to end this era with a bang. On July 15th, my hair will be the bushiest it's ever been as I sport my Gryffindor shirt and dress up as Hermione for a midnight premier for the last time. More tears will be shed at this film than at any other as I watch my favorite childhood story draw to a close. The tightest hugs will be shared with my many friends who stuck with Harry until the very end.

One really fun way to end this life-changing era is with a Harry Potter themed party. Casual and hard core fans of Harry can enjoy the magic that can be brought to one's dining room table.

A Hogwarts Reunion Dinner is a way to make guests feel like they are a part of the Wizarding World. Each colored place mat represents the 4 Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor (red), Ravenclaw (blue), Hufflepuff (yellow), and Slytherin (green).

We used our photo napkin rings as the perfect decorative holder for our place cards. Be sure to include the person's name and their Hogwarts house to make them feel especially included in the magical world.

Our menu is something of my own creation. Any type of food can be served at your HP party, but try to connect it to your favorite characters in some way. Your guests will enjoy their Shepherd's Pie even more if they think it's Professor Flitwick's recipe.

And dessert can be infinitely more delicious if your guests think it's from Honeyduke's Sweet Shop.

Centerpieces on your table can require a little magic of your own to create. Brewing your own potions will make your table look like you're really at Hogwarts. A little food coloring in water is all you need, and there are some free downloadable labels (we found ours here) to put on your potion bottles to make them even more magical.

Another fun centerpiece idea is the inclusion of a magical plant. We chose a Mandrake, since the magical portion of the plant stays underground. As long as no one decides to dig up your plant (and the resulting noise doesn't knock your guests unconscious), this plant will make your guests very excited about your table.

We also decided to make Harry Potter bunting for our window. Owls and the Hogwarts colors fill our window and help make our table look even more magical.

So, my dear wizards and witches, remember that Harry Potter will never be over as long as we carry those stories with us. Enjoy the last film as much as you can, and have a wonderful Harry Potter party!

Inspiration for this magical table setting and author of this blog post:  Annie (aka Hermoine)

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