Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August's Tablescape - Going Coastal

Our Table is Going Coastal for August
by Guest Blogger: Annie Bruington

Can you believe it’s August already? Where has summer gone? Let’s recap...
Weeks of my summer break: 11
Average wake-up time: 11:30 am
Desserts baked for no particular reason: 17

Sodas consumed: 104
Road trips taken: 3
Number of Habit Burgers eaten: 8
Trips to the beach: 0
Zero? None? How can this be? Trips to the beach are the epitome of a California summer!

And right now is the perfect time to go. The sun isn’t blazing so your feet won’t end up red from the hot sand. Swimsuits are going on sale, which will make the awful process of swimsuit shopping a little bit easier. The wind isn’t blowing until late in the afternoon, so sand won’t be blowing into your eyes until you’re packing up your things.

If you are fortunate to live close to the beach (like me), you have no excuse at this point. Grab your towel and go.

And if you don’t live close enough to the beach, look into staying at a beach house with a friend. A fantastic host or hostess gift would be a set of Picking Daisies napkins or a Giving Bean Gift Box.

Our friend Maalaea is the owner of the Giving Bean Gift Company, a great local company. She offers a fresh, new alternative to a traditional gift basket with her lovely gift boxes. Each box is personalized and elegantly themed, and all are filled with local goodies including chocolate, wine, baked goods, and home décor.  

Check out The Giving Bean Gift Co.'s Facebook page and their website: www.givingbeangift.com.

Your beach house host will be stoked with their unique gift box.
And you will be equally stoked to hold your hot dog on a Picking Daisies Going Coastal napkin as you watch the waves crash before your sandy toes.

 Inspiration:  Maalaea from The Giving Bean Gift Company who set our lovely table this month, napkins from the "Going Coastal" collection at Picking Daisies, treasures and decor from The Giving Bean Gift Company.

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