Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fun With Fabric Scraps

It's so much fun to make things with scraps of fabric that some people would just toss. We organized our scraps by color and got to work.

We decorated the store with a couple of styrofoam wreaths covered in long strips of scrap fabric sewn together and embellished with little fabric roses, made using smaller strips of fabric scraps and a glue gun.

We made Christmas bulbs to hang in the store window - again using long strips of scrap fabric wrapped round and round and round different sized styrofoam balls.

We made little lavender sachets using locally grown lavender lovingly cleaned by our very own Ellen. These are for sale and make the perfect small "I'm Thinking of You" gift - $3.00 each!

We made wine bags that have been flying out the door - and up until now we haven't even promoted them. But rest assured that we are busy making a whole bunch more - $7.95 each!

And we are even selling small scrap fabric bags - a mishmash of sizes - empty for $2.00 each!

Stop by the store and we will be happy to share crafty tips on how we made these goodies. Maybe you even have some fabric scrap tips for us!

Ho Ho Ho 'tis the season for fun!