Thursday, July 14, 2011

Still Life with Fabric

Painting with a Passion for Color

These gorgeous oil paintings are the work of Patti Robbins, a talented friend and customer of Picking Daisies.  We've enjoyed seeing our fabrics "come to life" in some of the still-lifes she has painted, and knew that you would enjoy seeing them too.  You might even recognize some of the fabrics from your own Picking Daisies napkin collection.

Daisies, Tulips and a Mango
Oil on Linen 24 x 30

Royal Purples, Calming Blues
Oil on Linen 36 x 60

Spring Mix
Oil 31 x 25

Polka Dots and Mandarins
Oil 6 x 6

Hydrangeas and Coffee
Oil 20 x 20

Fabulous, aren't they?!
Visit Patti's website to see more of her beautiful still lifes as well as her other galleries of work.

*enter site*

Thanks for looking!

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