Friday, June 28, 2013

An Original Glamour Girl

You will LOVE this heartwarming story!
....first told to me by my dear neighbor Claudia who is this woman's niece.

Claudia's aunt, Lorene Carnes, now 92, was attending art school in the 1940's with dreams of becoming a fashion illustrator.  And look at her today, looking absolutely gorgeous.... quite the fashion plate!

Photo care of Statesman Journal

Sadly, she had to leave school before graduating because war broke out and she needed to work in the shipping yards.  And after that, "life" took over.

For seven decades, her portfolio of drawings has been packed away and stored, until just last year when a family friend who works at Robert Kaufman Fabric happened to see the recently unpacked drawings during a visit.

Photos care of Statesman Journal

This friend took the drawings back with her to Robert Kaufman Fabric where the designs that Lorene Carnes drew 70+ years ago were made into a fabric line.

Presenting "Glamour Girls"
Designed by Lorene Carnes for Robert Kaufman Fabric

Photo care of Statesman Journal

Isn't this just the best thing ever!!!

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The photos and story are from The Statesman Journal and you can read the complete article and see more pictures here.  And believe me, you will want to see more pictures!