Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunset's Savor the Central Coast

Take two!

Picking Daisies will be participating at Sunset's Savor the Central Coast again this year. 

Our napkin rental collection is being used for the big breakfasts in the Santa Margarita Ranch barn both Saturday and Sunday mornings.  And we will have a booth in The Marketplace where we will be selling our napkins.  We feel honored to once again be the only non-food or wine vendor invited to participate. 

In light of this big event, our store will be open under very chaotic circumstances this Friday.  And we will have to be CLOSED this Saturday, October 1st.

We appreciate your understanding, and are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Picking Daisies has an Eye for Fabric

Or so we are told, again and again!

We are accommodating the requests for more, more and more fabric, and the bolts are piling up around us.

It's definitely time to expand our fabric display and storage with more shelving.  So while we are busy selling napkins at Sunset's Savor the Central Coast this weekend, our worker bee (Mr. B) will be building and hopefully installing additional new shelving at Picking Daisies. 

Pictures of the new set-up to follow soon......

photo by Richard Fusillo

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Store Your Cotton Napkins in Plain Sight

Wooden Crates for your Picking Daisies Napkins
 Our napkins are just too lovely to stash in a drawer. 

Instead, let them grace the center of your table or side board.

 Roll 'em, fold 'em, keep them in easy reach.

 Picking Daisies napkins and crates .... both made in San Luis Obispo, California.

The crates are hand-crafted especially for Picking Daisies by Mr. B, San Luis Obispo High School Shop Teacher extraordinaire.

Two dozen of your Picking Daisies napkins will fit nicely in one of these crates.

Important Details:
Shop for a napkin crate here
 Mr. B's photo by Henry Bruington

Monday, September 12, 2011

An Adventure in Sustainability

Sunset Magazine's One-Block Party Contest

Earlier this year, Sunset Magazine launched a contest inviting anyone, anywhere in the country, to grow, raise and forage for all the makings to throw their own end-of-summer feast—with the help of neighbors and friends. The prize? $500 and a starring role in an upcoming issue of Sunset Magazine.

Ten final teams were chosen, one of which "The Beach Tractors" is a group of young families (and Picking Daisies Customers!) living here in Morro Bay, California. 

The ambitious Beach Tractors actually planned and held two feasts at the end of August.... One for the adults which took place on a lovely motor yacht, The Papagallo II

And one for the children which took place in the very same yard the kids had planted their own edible garden.

On October 2, at Sunset's Savor the Central Coast food and wine event taking place in Santa Margarita, CA, the winner will be announced, and you know who we will be rooting for!

The Beach Tractors kept a blog of their adventures, and you can read it right here.
Sunset Magazine also chronicled the adventures of all the teams in a blog that you can read here.

Picking Daisies thanks the Beach Tractors for sharing such wonderful photos and inspiration with us, for being such lovely friends and customers, and for letting our napkins be a part of your memorable event!