Monday, November 22, 2010

Sister Soap Company

Your nose will know the minute you step inside!

For the holiday season, once again we have Sister Soap Company's wonderful natural soaps and other goodies available for purchase at Picking Daisies.

Owned by another local sister team, Sister Soap Company's products are handmade, organic, and completely natural. You can read all about the sisters right here.

Perfect for stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and the special friends in your life, stop by Picking Daisies for Sister Soap's Lavender Linen Spray and Skin Relief Lotion Tins, as well as the following wonderfully aromatic soaps:

Pumpkin Spice
Peppermint Clove
Auntie's Sweetgrass
Mandarin Bergamot
Lavender Serenity
Sensual Silk (my favorite!)
Santa Barbara Sea Spa
Grannie's Garden

You can purchase all of these goodies at Picking Daisies, or by visiting the Sister Soap Company's at or by clicking on any of the above product links.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I have a Crush!

I have a great big crush on these fantastic fabrics from designer Anna Maria Horner. They are from her new fabric line: "Innocent Crush".

Their fabulousness overwhelms me and I feel myself growing weaker by the day - succumbing to their siren call.

I suspect that we shall soon have these available as napkins at Picking Daisies.

Don't you think we should?!