Monday, May 27, 2013

Picking Daisies - A Modern Quilt Shop

Quilts, Fabric, Napkins and Custom Table Linens

We started out as "the napkin store", but due to our beautifully curated selection of fabric, we naturally were searched out by quilters looking for fresh and unique modern quilt fabric.

These days, along side our lovely cotton napkins, you will find some wonderful modern quilts adorning our walls (and cupboards).  

Our quilts are available for sale and range from $250 to $450.  Please email us if you'd like more information.

This gorgeous modern quilt behind our counter will be entered in the Midstate Fair by our quilter Karen Petersen.

A couple more modern quilts by Karen...

And below is a fabulous twister quilt by Val Lund of Remember Quilts.


Have you been to Picking Daisies lately to see our growing collection of modern quilt fabric?

 From napkins to quilts..... with lots of goodness in between!