Thursday, May 26, 2011

Set the Table for Memorial Day

Red, White and Blue Napkins

Memorial Day is traditionally the day we honor our American servicemembers who have died while on military service. 

It is also a long-weekend filled with picnics, barbeques and outdoor fun marking the beginning of summer vacation.

Set your picnic table with red, white and blue gingham cloth napkins.  And, of course, the perfect beverage to complement a gingham napkin is an old-fashioned bottle of Coca-Cola.

String up some red, white and blue fabric bunting.  We made ours using our fabric scraps, and enjoy using it again and again.

Make some festive napkin rings.  Read our super easy tutorial for these fabric medallion napkin rings here.

Pick some red and white and blue flowers.  Missing one of the colors?  Just add a bit of ribbon to complete the look.

We adore Erin at Sprigs who "picked" and arranged our patriotic bouquet!

Decorate the center of the table using a coaster napkin or flat piece of fabric as a mini table topper.  Wrap strips of fabric scrap like ribbons around some old jars filled with candies.  Cut out round fabric pieces from fabric scraps to decorate the lids.

Two of my favorite things in the whole wide world are in the picture below.  Can you spot them?  And no, one of them is not Coca-Cola!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fabric Medallion Napkin Rings

An easy tutorial for making napkin rings using fabric scraps!
Choose your fabric scraps to coordinate with the table theme or holiday colors.  We're planning for the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend.

For each napkin ring, you will need:
  • a strip of fabric 18" x 1.5"
  • a 2 or 4 hole button
  • a 10" length of round cord elastic
  • craft glue
  • fabric starch (we use Mary Ellen's Best Press)

Start by cutting your fabric into a strip measuring 18" by 1.5".

Spray on a little starch or light fabric stiffener, and iron the strip flat.  We love Mary Ellen's Best Press, and we sell it at Picking Daisies. (We'll be happy to give you a free sample if you are interested in trying it.)

Begin to fold the strip of fabric in an accordion fashion, back and forth every 1/2",  ironing as you go, until you have the entire strip folded into a little stack.

Thread a sharp needle and push it through all the folds.  Be careful of your finger - we highly recommend wearing a thimble for this step!

Pull the thread through, tie it together and snip off the long ends of thread.

Glue the two flat end pieces of fabric together to create a round "medallion".

Take your 10" length of elastic cord and thread it through the button, leaving the two ends of cord even in length.

Tuck the long ends of the elastic cord through the center of the medallion, pull them through the back, then tie and trim to make the elastic circle that your napkin will slip through.

 Put a drop of glue on the back of the button, then use the elastic cord to pull it firmly (but not too tightly) to the medallion.

Wait for the glue to dry, then tuck your napkin through the elastic, sit back and admire your new fabric medallion napkin rings.

We made these in preparation for our Memorial Day table setting which we will be working on this weekend - so stay tuned.....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easy-Peasy Fabric Wall Art

DIY Fabric Wall Art for Beginners

It was time to take a short break from sewing cloth napkins and take care of the big empty spot on our store wall.  The fact that we are not artists ourselves does not hinder us because we are surrounded by beautiful fabric.  This project is so simple, anyone with a little motivation and an extra hour can do it.  

Step 1:  Pick out a fabric you absolutely love!  We chose a quilting weight 100% cotton: Alexander Henry's Larkspur Border Stripe in Multi.

Step 2: Obtain an unframed artist canvas, new or used.  Measure and cut your fabric so that you will have a 2-inch wrap around on the back side of the canvas.

Step 3:  Secure the fabric to the back of the canvas using a staple gun or flat tacks.  (I prefer a staple gun).  Make sure you fasten the fabric securely, but NOT so tight that you are stretching it. 
  • Start with the middle of the top, followed by the middle of the bottom, then the middle of each side. 
  • Finish securing the rest of the top, followed by the bottom, then each side - fastening every 6 inches or so and stopping about 4 inches away from each corner.
  • Wrap those corners just like you would wrap a present - then tack 'em down with your staple or tack.

Step 4: If not already attached, affix a picture hanger or wire to the back of the canvas, pick your spot on the wall, hammer in a nail, and hang your art. 

Step 5: Take a big step back and enjoy the new view of your room.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  And have fun looking at our beautiful fabrics for inspiration.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Table Setting

Celebrate the culture of Mexico with Color!

First step - fill up those Margarita Glasses!! Then add...

Warm, golden flowers in colorful pots

Dime-size mini paper roses tucked into napkins

Pieces of colorful oilcloth, cut with pinking shears to use as coasters

Mexican papel picado (tissue paper bunting) to hang in the window

A royal blue Mr. Sun to beam down upon you

Picking Daisies cloth napkins in Mexican-inspired prints

Viva La Fiesta