Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back To School

Isn't September the Back-To-School Month?

How has back-to-school crept so silently into August?  It just doesn't seem right.  Growing up, I remember the first day of school always being after Labor Day, into September.

I can also remember coming out to breakfast on school mornings and seeing the table set for the whole family.  Yes, we had breakfast together every weekday morning.

I remember bowls for cereal, plates for toast and eggs, and freshly sliced fruit.

I remember pouring milk onto my cereal out of a glass bottle.

I remember that much of the excitement of back-to-school was centered around acquiring new school supplies..... those perfect erasers on new pencils!

I remember the feel of new chalk, and the little "clink" it would make if you dropped it gently.

I remember the feel and taste of sipping milk out of a paper straw.

I remember being so excited to bring flowers or a little gift to my beloved teacher.

You will be relieved to know that I do NOT remember walking barefoot, in the snow, uphill, both ways to school.  I will save that for the much-tougher generation that came before me.

..... but I do remember putting that chalk in my mouth just to see how it would feel.

Inspiration:  Napkins and Placemats from Picking Daisies

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Inevitable Rising Cost of Cotton Fabric

A "Perfect Storm of Events" has resulted in a spike in cotton prices

Below is an example of the cotton-related news reports we have been reading over the last year.

Reported by Matthew A. Ward
CARROLLTON, Va | Tue Aug 2, 2011 12:17pm EDT

(Reuters) - Last year, customers at Bella Fabrics in eastern Virginia paid no more than $9.99 a yard for the designer fabric they fashion into quilts. But these days quilters who shop at Lisa Steele's store and others around the country are finding that their hobby has become more expensive, thanks to a "perfect storm" of events in the global cotton industry that have pushed fabric prices up to anywhere from $10.50 to $12.99 per yard.

Retailers "knew it was coming," Steele said. "When we went to buy goods (at the spring market)...we were hit with tremendous prices." The sticker shock is the result of a number of seemingly isolated global events that led to the most significant spike in cotton futures since the Civil War, according to John Robinson, a Texas A&M University agricultural economics professor who runs a website on cotton marketing.  article continues here-->

We've held off raising our fabric prices as long as possible.  We are still at just $9.00 per yard for all of our fabulous designer fabric, which is a darn great price!

However, since we've been adding more and more wonderful fabrics to our inventory, the time has come to raise our fabric prices from $9.00 per yard to $10.00 per yard.

Ready for the good news?

1) You have until September 1st to purchase fabric at the current price of $9.00 per yard.  So now is the time to stock up on all the fabric you've been coveting.  Don't forget that we have some great holiday fabrics.

2) We are NOT going to have to raise the price of our napkins at any time in the foreseeable future.

Keep in mind that you can always get creative with our fabric scraps - which are quite a bargain!

Shop online for fabric at Picking Daisies
Shop online for holiday fabric at Picking Daisies

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sergin' Scarves

Soft Cotton Jersey + Serger = Comfy, Stylish Scarves

We had a play day at Picking Daisies today, and took a break from sewing napkins to whip up some cute scarves.

We pushed aside the sewing machine and set up the serger.

Did I mention that I LOVE my serger?

The rolled hem the serger makes curls the edge so nicely and makes a fun little trim.

It makes the scarf-wearer happy!

Orange stripes too!

Because most of our sewing is done on quilting cottons, we are not as familiar with suppliers of great jersey fabrics.  If you know where we can find some fabulous cotton jersey, please let us know!

Ruffles and sparkles .... bring 'em on!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August's Tablescape - Going Coastal

Our Table is Going Coastal for August
by Guest Blogger: Annie Bruington

Can you believe it’s August already? Where has summer gone? Let’s recap...
Weeks of my summer break: 11
Average wake-up time: 11:30 am
Desserts baked for no particular reason: 17

Sodas consumed: 104
Road trips taken: 3
Number of Habit Burgers eaten: 8
Trips to the beach: 0
Zero? None? How can this be? Trips to the beach are the epitome of a California summer!

And right now is the perfect time to go. The sun isn’t blazing so your feet won’t end up red from the hot sand. Swimsuits are going on sale, which will make the awful process of swimsuit shopping a little bit easier. The wind isn’t blowing until late in the afternoon, so sand won’t be blowing into your eyes until you’re packing up your things.

If you are fortunate to live close to the beach (like me), you have no excuse at this point. Grab your towel and go.

And if you don’t live close enough to the beach, look into staying at a beach house with a friend. A fantastic host or hostess gift would be a set of Picking Daisies napkins or a Giving Bean Gift Box.

Our friend Maalaea is the owner of the Giving Bean Gift Company, a great local company. She offers a fresh, new alternative to a traditional gift basket with her lovely gift boxes. Each box is personalized and elegantly themed, and all are filled with local goodies including chocolate, wine, baked goods, and home d├ęcor.  

Check out The Giving Bean Gift Co.'s Facebook page and their website:

Your beach house host will be stoked with their unique gift box.
And you will be equally stoked to hold your hot dog on a Picking Daisies Going Coastal napkin as you watch the waves crash before your sandy toes.

 Inspiration:  Maalaea from The Giving Bean Gift Company who set our lovely table this month, napkins from the "Going Coastal" collection at Picking Daisies, treasures and decor from The Giving Bean Gift Company.