Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Sell Fabric

But this is actually not breaking news. We have always sold our fabulous fabrics by the yard, we've just kept the bolts hidden behind the counter which makes it quite hard for customers to view and access them.

Light Bulb! .....let's have our very own Mr. B build us a beautiful cart to display the fabrics in full access to our customers.

And voila.... (Yes, Mr. B is just that fast!)

In addition to displaying the fabrics, the cart has a beautiful and functional counter top to lay out, view, measure and cut the fabric.

And for our wonderful online customers, we have put each of our available fabrics on our website in their very own "fabric" section.

Here are just a few of the many fabrics available:

We've even included handy little measurements because the fabric swatch images provided by the manufactures are quite inconsistent in their swatch size. The above swatch shows more that 2ft of the fabric.

This one is more than a foot smaller:

Still smaller.....

And this one shows a tiny 3 1/2" swatch.

See all our fabrics on our website here.

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