Thursday, January 20, 2011

January's Table Setting

Each month we enjoy setting our table with a new table setting to show off either a new product or fabric, or in celebration of a festive holiday. It finally occurred to us that it would be wonderful to share it with all of you each month in our blog.

So ... we present January's table setting!

The product we are featuring is our new line of place mats made from the same wonderful 100% cotton we use for our napkins. These place mats are about as fun and easy-care as they get.

Funny story: The four place mats featured in these photos were the first and only four we brought in to the store to use for this table setting. As soon as we finished snapping these photos, a customer came in to the store and purchased all four right off the table!

So you can imagine how bare and sad our table looked for a few days until we finally stocked the store with lots more place mats to sell and decorate with.

In the meantime, thanks to Sprigs, we still had these lovely flowers embellishing the center of the table.

January is flying by - it already time to start planning February's table setting!

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