Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fabric Scraps

We sell our fabric scraps by the ounce. We have them all set out in a big basket next to a little scale to weigh them as demonstrated here:

Epic photo taken by Henry Bruington!

We often have little treasures for sale in our store that have been made using our fabric scraps. But we are overflowing in beautiful, colorful, glorious scraps and realized it is time to let others have their turn at craftiness.

Need ideas? We are very fond of this book by Sandi Henderson:

The book is available at Amazon.
Get more ideas and inspiration by visiting Sandi Henderson's blog.

The internet is full of wonderful blogs filled with scrap sewing ideas from the simple.....

Necklace tutorial by Cakies.

To the seriously complex....

Quilt tutorial by Pleasant Home.

Happy Scrap Crafting!

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