Monday, June 6, 2011

Napkin Folding Tutorial - Necktie

A Father's Day Tie Surprise

We are working on our Father's Day celebration table setting, and thought it would be fun to fold our cloth dinner napkins into a tie for Dad.  And we've created this little tutorial to share with you.

So.... grab a cloth napkin and a ruler, get to your ironing board, and follow along!

Start with a square cloth napkin and iron it flat.
(Our napkins are 20" square.  If yours differ by more than a few inches,
you might need to adjust some of the following measurements.)

Fold one corner across,  landing 3" below it's opposite corner.  Moving the ruler to the "base of the tie", fold the opposite corner leaving 3" to match, as pictured above.

Maintaining the point at the small end, begin an accordion fold....
1.  away from you and iron
2.  towards you and iron
3.  away from you and iron
4.  Give it one final iron to flatten it

1.  Lay your ruler along the length of the tie
2.  Place the 12" mark as pictured above
3.  At the 1" mark, tuck the point under at a right angle
4.  Iron flat

1. Wrap over and iron
2.  Turn the tie over
3.  Again wrap over and iron
4.  Fold the remaining tip down the back of the tie

Iron so that the tip lays flat down the back of the tie

Turn the tie over and give it one final ironing

You've made a tie for dad!

We're working on our table setting to celebrate Father's Day using these ties.  It's going to be such fun - watch for our blog about it!

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