Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Buttery Soft Cotton Voile

It's Irresistible!
Have you been hearing about voile? (pronounced like toile)
Favorite fabric designer Anna Maria Horner has created some gorgeous voiles in the last few years.  She has also written this great informational blog post to explain everything you want to know about using and working with cotton voile fabric.

All the lovely images of voile below are from Anna Maria Horner's site and show various ways in which you can use this soft drapey cotton fabric.




Now that your ideas are overflowing, 
below is the selection of cotton voiles now available at Picking Daisies.

Have you sewn or quilted with cotton voile yet?  What did you think?


  1. OK, I am over 50 and I always thought "voile" rhymed with "oil"! Little did I know it rhymes with "toile" (twall). Live and learn! Pretty soon we must start saying "Ee-guerra Street and roll those RRs!

    Love, love the new fabrics and can't wait to feel the buttery voiles. Jackie P.

  2. Ha ha Jackie - and I would suggest you keep saying voile (like oil) because when we pronounce it correctly, no one knows what we are saying. Same goes for Higuera! :-)