Monday, February 6, 2012

Much Accomplished on My No Napkin Monday

Three Projects Checked off the Sewing List

1.  After much thinking and a few failed attempts, I finally created a new pattern for a re-styled tote bag for Picking Daisies.  And just like our old totes, it cleverly and efficiently utilizes our pre-cut dinner, cocktail and coaster napkin squares.

2.  I made a fabric headband for my lovely daughter using scrap fabric and scrap elastic.  I even had to piece some of the elastic together..... but no one will be the wiser!  Best of all, she is actually wearing it.

3.  I put the finishing touches on my jersey blouse, which involved making some perfect little button holes, thanks to my button-hold foot.

Then finished up by sewing on the buttons while watching Sunday night's episode of Downton Abbey.  The blouse is finally ready to wear, but apparently tomorrow we will have lots of wind and rain.  So for now, it will hang in my closet, awaiting it's debut.

An altogether satisfying day!

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