Saturday, April 23, 2011

Web Store Error Message

Shopping at Picking Daisies Online?

If you are shopping for our products online, you may experience an error message indicating that our website is not secure.

This error message seems to be specific to customers using Internet Explorer, and apparently has to do with the redirect to our new website. (ahhh the joys and pains of a new website!)

We'd like to assure you that our website is secure and all transactions are safely encrypted. However, if you'd prefer to wait until we've resolved this error message, please feel free to email us your order.

Just send us an email specifying the napkins you want so that we can set them aside for you. And please include a phone number where we can reach in the next few days to discuss payment options for your order.

Thank you for your patience - Picking Daisies customers are the best!

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