Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February's Table Setting

A table set for a Valentine's Dinner Celebration

The littlest Daisy sister does such a fantastic job of changing the table decor and theme each month, and I am determined to share the photos and inspiration with you for each new table setting.

But the first thing I have learned is that it is quite hard to get a great photo of a set table in it's entirety. Neither stepping back from it or towering over the top quite captures it's loveliness.

Though close up detail shots are quite nice.

Love the little individual Valentine cards tucked into each of the napkins.

That slice of vanilla cake with pink frosting looks good enough to eat. I'd like to just pull up a chair please.

And, of course, the flowers...

Nothing quite pulls a table setting together like a lovely bouquet of flowers. Those spider mums are the most lovely shade of chartreuse.

: The cotton napkins featured are First Impression in Potpourri, Turn of Events in Plum, Woodcut in Passion, and Loves Me in Grape. Also featured are Linen place mats in Marine, Valentine cards by Tracy Taylor, Felt cake slices by SmarmyPants, Vintage champagne glasses, and Floral Centerpiece by Sprigs.

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